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Greene - Family History

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Greene - Pictures and Documents
1st Generation

Lieutenant Thomas Green - b. Sep 19, 1743. One family account says he was born in England and came to Boston when "quite young." Undocumented family history records from the Latter Day Saints say he was born in Danvers, MA, the son of Thomas Green "of Boston" (b. prior to 1716) and Mary Evans of Salem, MA (b. 1720). (Note: Danvers was formerly known as Salem Village.) LT Thomas m. Lydia Kilbourne of Rowley, Massachusetts, Apr 28, 1769; d. Jun 8, 1826, North Waterford, Maine, where he is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery. According to the LDS records, Thomas had a sister, Mary Green born about 1739, also in Danvers, MA.

Thomas was first bound out to a tavern keeper, then learned the trade of making women's shoes. He served in the French and Indian Wars and in the Revolution before moving with his family from Rowley to North Waterford, Maine, in 1788. Lydia was born Oct 29, 1748, in Rowley, Massachusetts, a descendant of George Kilbourne who came to America in 1635. (Only George stayed in Massachusetts. His parents, brothers, and sisters settled in Wethersfield, Connecticut.) Lydia died Feb 22, 1835, and is also buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, North Waterford, Maine.

Portions of the original homestead are said to still exist in a home now owned by the Kimball family in North Waterford. This home is on the north side of Greene Road, opposite the Warren home.

Thomas and Lydia had eight children, all born in Rowley, Massachusetts: Daniel, b. 1770; Polly, b. 1772; Thomas, b. 1775; Sarah, b. 1777; Dorothy, b. 1779; Lydia, b. 1782; Joseph, b. 1784; and Elizabeth, b. 1786.

2nd Generation

Thomas Green - b. 1775, Rowley, Massachusetts; m. Tabitha Holt of Albany, Maine in 1799; d. 1809 in North Waterford, Maine. Tabitha was born Aug 11, 1779 in Andover, Massachusetts and died Jun, 1827. She was descended from Nicholas Holt, who came to America on the ship James in 1635, first settling in Newbury and later in Andover, Massachusetts.

Thomas and Tabitha had five children, all born in North Waterford, Maine: Sarah, b. 1800; Tabitha, b. 1801; Jacob Holt, b. Jan 18, 1802; William Warren, b. 1805; and Thomas, b. 1808. Note that Thomas was raised by his uncle, Daniel Greene, after the death of his father who fell while taking down the frame of a barn.

3rd Generation

Jacob Holt Green - b. Jan 18, 1802, North Waterford, Maine; m. Sarah Walker (Frye) Jewett of Fryeburg, Maine, July 10, 1828; d. Oct 13, 1874, North Waterford, Maine. Jacob was a farmer and cabinet maker, learning his trade from Deacon William Warren of North Waterford (formerly of Harvard, Massachusetts). Jacob's wife, Sarah, was a granddaughter of General Joseph Frye, who served in the French and Indian Wars and the Revolution and settled the town of Fryeburg, Maine. She was born Feb 20, 1797 and died Sep 22, 1873. She was the widow of Nathaniel Jewett.

  • Jacob - in his later years
  • Sarah - his wife, probably taken at the same time as Jacob's photo

4th Generation

Children of Jacob Holt Green and Sarah Walker (Frye) Jewett:

Dr. William Warren Greene - b. Mar 1, 1831, North Waterford, Maine; m. 1st Elizabeth Carelton of Waterford, Maine on May 21, 1855 (she died Feb 25, 1860 in Gray, Maine); m. 2nd Elizabeth Lawrence of Pownal, Maine in Jan 1861 (she died in Portland, June 15, 1876); d. Sep 10, 1881, and buried at sea while returning from a medical conference in London. William was a respected surgeon and among the founders of Maine General Hospital (later named the Maine Medical Center) in Portland. William had two children by his second wife: Charles Lyman Greene (b. Sep 21, 1862 in Gray) and Ida Lawrence Greene (b. Apr 17, 1871 in Portland). Charles Lyman Greene went on to become a doctor himself, practicing in St Paul, Minnesota. He had two daughters, Dorothy Lawrence Greene who married Alfred J. Schweppe and lived in Seattle, WA; and Jessie Greene who married Dr. Frederick Ramsay Ritzinger and lived in St. Paul, MN. Ida Lawrence Greene married Dr. Addison S. Thayer (Oct 8, 1891) and lived at several addresses on Congress Street before moving about 1915 to 10 Deering Street, Portland, ME. Ida died Feb 26, 1925; Addison Dec 14, 1923. Both are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, ME. Addison and Ida had no children.

Here are some photos contributed by descendants of Dr. Greene.

Sarah Abbott Greene - b. Oct 7, 1835, North Waterford Maine; m. Osgood Bailey of Bridgton, Maine on Mar 7, 1861; d. Mar 8, 1878, Bridgton, Maine. Sarah was "deaf and mute", as was her husband, Osgood. Although no pictures of Osgood or Sarah are known to have survived, Osgood's machine shop is preserved as the Spratt-Mead Museum in Bridgton. No record of any children, though Sarah is believed to have died in childbirth.

Jacob Lyman Greene - b. Aug 9, 1837, North Waterford, Maine; m. 1st Malvina Wood; m. 2nd Mary Annette Humphrey of Monroe, Michigan, Jan 12, 1865; m. 3rd Caroline S. Barrow of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Apr 26, 1870; d. Mar 29, 1905, Hartford, Connecticut; buried in Pittsfield, Massachusetts (Lot 204, Linden Slope, Pittsfield Cemetery). Jacob served in the Civil War as adjudant to General George Custer. He was best man at Custer's wedding - they married women who were best friends. Later he became president of Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance. Jacob's first child was Katherine "Kittie" Malvina Greene, b. Nov 6, 1860 in Lodi, Michigan. Her mother was Malvina Wood. Kittie married Harry Slade Richards May 2, 1883 in Ann Arbor, MI. She was living in Rochester, NY, in 1929. Kittie and Harry had at least two children: one was Helen Wood Richards, b. Oct 15, 1886 in Paw Paw (Van Buren County), MI. Another I believe was named Harry after his father. Jacob and Annette had one child, Jacob Humphrey Greene, who married Florence Buck Nov 7, 1894 and lived in Hartford where he rose to a high position at Connecticut Mutual. Jacob H. and Florence had no children..

  • Jacob - Lieutenant, 7th Michigan Infantry, 1861
  • Biography by Charles Raymond Howard - details Jacob's Civil War service and includes appendices covering his obituary and burial site.
  • Poem - written while a student at Gould Academy, Bethel, ME - 1856
  • Jacob - with his brother, William Warren Greene; gag photo
  • Jacob - with brother William, their wives, and William's son, Charles
  • Pittsfield, MA pictures: Berkshire Life, and cemetery plots.
  • Jacob - taken during his tenure as president of Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance in Hartford, CT
  • Mark Twain's rememberance of Jacob Long before I became acquainted with great granduncle Jacob's way with a phrase, he'd made an impression on Mark Twain, his Hartford neighbor for twenty years. I've finally found Twain's unabbridged account of Jacob's oratory Read that, then read a sample of Jacob's prose. Twain sure had him pegged!
  • Timeline of Jacob's life.

George Frye Greene - b. Aug 1, 1840, North Waterford, Maine; m. Deborah Blanchard Rideout of New Gloucester, Maine, Nov 25, 1874; d. Sep 23, 1883, in South Paris, Maine. George was my great grandfather. He stayed on the family farm in North Waterford until roughly a year before his death, when he took a job at the shoe factory in Norway, Maine, and moved his family in with his wife's sister's family (Wallace and Sarah Atkins) at 41 Gothic Street, South Paris. George and Deborah had two children born in North Waterford: Edward Leon Greene (b. Aug 1, 1876) and Alice Blanchard Greene (b. Jun 1, 1879). (Edward, who married Ruth Gertrude Jones, is my grandfather.)

Samuel Thomas Greene - b. Jun 11, 1843, North Waterford, Maine; m. Caroline "Cassie" Campbell Howard, Aug 15, 1871; d. Feb 17, 1890 in Belleville, Ontario. Samuel was the first deaf teacher of the Deaf in the province of Ontario. Details of Samuel's life and family can be found at Clifton Carbin's Samuel T. Greene web site. (Clifton is working on a biography of Samuel.) Samuel and Caroline had five children: Howard, b. Jul 17, 1872; Bessie, b. Sep 13, 1874; Sarah, b. Sep 5, 1877; Octavia, b. Mar 3, 1880; and Wilhelmina, b. Jan 22, 1884.

Through the efforts of Clifton Carbin, many living descendants of Samuel Thomas Greene have been identified. Here are pictures of a few of them.

Finally, here are picture archives contributed by Sam's descendants.

Note, there were also two boys, both named Edwin Frye Greene, who died aged 3 years. Headstones are in Woodlawn Cemetery, North Waterford, Maine. The first Edwin was born Sep 1, 1829 and died Jun 21, 1833. The second was born July 27, 1833 and died Feb 19, 1837.

5th Generation

Children of George Frye and Deborah B. (Rideout) Greene:

Edward Leon Greene - b. Aug 1, 1876, North Waterford, Maine; m. Ruth Gertrude Jones of South Paris, Maine, Jun 5, 1901; d. May 4, 1958. His wife, "Gertie," was born Jun 2, 1878 in Bangor, Maine, and came to South Paris with her parents, Alphonso "Phon" Clarence and Abba Ella (Knight) Jones, when she was one year old. She died Jan 24, 1968. Both are buried in Riverside Cemetery, South Paris, Maine.

They had three children, all born in South Paris: Stanley Warren Greene (b. Jul 5, 1903), Donald Lyman Greene (b. May 21, 1908), and Ruth Kathryn Greene (b. Nov 30, 1911).

Alice Blanchard Greene - b. Jun 1, 1879, North Waterford, Maine; m. Charles Henry Howard in South Paris, Maine, Jun 5, 1901; d. Dec 29, 1918 in South Paris. Both are buried in Riverside Cemetery, South Paris, Maine.

Alice and Charles had three children in South Paris: Henry George Howard (b. Dec 26, 1902), Roland Woodbury Howard (b. Jan 13, 1907), and Harriet Alice Howard (b. Aug 11, 1915; d. Oct 21, 1916).

6th Generation

Children of Edward Leon and Gertrude (Jones) Greene:

Stanley Warren Greene - b. Jul 5, 1903, South Paris, Maine; m. in Shelton, Connecticut, Ethel Agda Johnson of Flushing, New York, Jun 8, 1929; d. Mar 5, 1965, in Bath, Maine.

Stanley and Ethel had three children: Richard Warren Greene (b. Oct 1, 1935, Flushing, NY); Edward Rideout Greene (b. Aug 16, 1943, Bath, Maine); and Judith Ellen Greene (b. Sep 8, 1946, Bath, Maine).

Donald Lyman Greene - b. May 21, 1908; m. in Norway, Maine, Kathleen Daly of Phoebus, Virginia, Nov 9, 1929; d. Apr 12, 1968, McLean, Virginia.

Donald and Kathleen had no children.

Ruth Kathryn Greene - b. Nov 30, 1911; m. in Elmhurst, NY, Alexander McPherson Malcolm Jr. of Elmhurst, NY, Aug 20, 1938.

Alexander and Kathryn had two children: Donald Alexander Malcolm (b. Jul 29, 1941, Elmhurst, NY) and Stanley Edward Malcolm (b. Nov 7, 1947, Elmhurst, NY).

Children of Charles Henry and Alice B. (Greene) Howard:

Henry George Howard - b. Dec 26, 1902 in South Paris, Maine; m. Margaret Campbell, Sep 25, 1930; d. Feb 20, 1991.

Henry and Margaret had two children: Mary Louise Howard (b. Apr 29, 1933) and Charles Raymond Howard (b. _____).

Roland Woodbury Howard - b. Jan 13, 1907, South Paris, Maine; m. Marion Horr, _____; d. Aug 10, 1991. Marion died Aug 1, 1991.

Harriet Alice Howard - b. Aug 11, 1915; d. Oct 21, 1916.