Berkshire Life Insrance building, Pittsfield, MA.

This building was erected in 1867. Jacob Lyman Greene would have worked there (as Assistant Secretary). Originally it had a Mansard roof. Later, that was removed and two more floors added.

Jacob Lyman Greene's Grave, and those of two of his three wives. Pittsfield Cemetery, Lot 204 Linden Slope, 203 Wahconah St., Pittsfield, MA.

At the front left is the grave of Mary Katherine Barrow (sister to Caroline S. Barrow). Behind her at the left are Robert Maitland and Elizabeth S. (wife of Robert Maitland). I suspect that Elizabeth is a half-sister to Caroline. She was born in 1844, somewhat later than Caroline (1835) or Mary (1832) and after the death of Thomas Barrow. All three graves are in lot 203, Linden Slope, and their stones exactly match those of Jacob, Caroline, and Nettie.

At the front right, from left to right, are Mary Annette "Nettie" (Humphrey) Greene, Jacob's second wife; Jacob Lyman Greene; and Caroline S. Barrow, Jacob's third wife. Behind them are Caroline's parents, Mary Williams (Brown) Barrow and Thomas James Barrow. Mary married Samuel H. P. Lee after Thomas's death (lost at sea, Jan 10, 1839). Mary and Thomas' stones are similar, but not identical, to the other stones in these lots.

The inscriptions on these stones read as follows:

Lot 203, Linden Slope -

Robert Maitland, son of William C. Maitland and Charlotte A. Maitland 1840-1918

Elizabeth S., wife of Robert Maitland 1844-1920

Mary Katherine Barrow, daughter of Thomas J. Barrow 1832-1916

Lot 204, Linden Slope -

Mary A. Humphrey, wife of Jacob L. Greene Born December 24, 1840, Died July 9, 1868

Jacob Lyman Greene, Born August 9, 1837, Died March 29, 1905

Caroline S. Barrow, wife of Jacob L. Greene, Born December 22, 1835, Died May 4, 1912

Mary W. Lee, born September 10, 1807, Died December 22, 1877

Thomas J. Barrow, Born June 29, 1802, Lost at Sea January 10, 1839

Additional material gathered from Pittsfield vital records:

Mary Annette Humphrey's parents were Levi S. and Rhoda B. Humphrey of Monroe, MI. Cause of death given as heart disease (but note that she died very soon after the death of her son, Jacob Humphrey Greene).

Mary W. (Brown) Lee (whose first husband was Thomas J. Barrow) was the daughter of Henry Clinton Brown and Mary Kilburn. Although I haven't traced the connection yet, I suspect this makes Caroline S. Barrow a very distant cousin of her husband, Jacob Lyman Greene.

Caroline S. Barrow married Jacob Lyman Greene on April 26, 1870. It was her first (and only) marriage; Jacob's third. She was from New York City. Edward L. Wells, Clergyman.