Ruth Kathryn Greene - b. Nov 30, 1911, South Paris, Maine.

This postcard, dated March 31, 1930, was sent while Mom was on a trip with her High School class to Washington, D.C.

Some time ago, she told me that while she was there, she went for a plane ride. This card documents the event and makes clear that the aircraft she flew in was a near copy of Charles Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis."

The printed text on the back of the card reads "WASHINGTON AIRPORT, INC. South end of the Highway Bridge Washington, D.C. The thrill of a ride over the National Capital may now be enjoyed in the New Ryan Broughams "Sister Ships of the famous Spirit of St. Louis" and exact duplicates of Lindbergh's new ship. Reached by Alexandria Street Cars from 12th. and Pa. Ave. or Alexandria Busses. Fare five cents."

The red pencil text was probably added by Kathryn's brother, Donald Greene, before passing the card on to their parents. Don's note reads "The kid is growing up!!! Wow!!"