William Warren Greene, son of Thomas and Tabitha (Holt) Greene.

This picture turns out to be a bit of a mystery because the caption on the front says "Thomas Greene" and on the back says "Thomas Greene, father of Thomas, Abbie, and Ruth. At first, I thought he would be the Thomas Greene (son of Thomas and Tabitha), born in 1808 and husband of Elizabeth Kimball, but the children don't "fit." Also, beside his picture in the same album was one captioned "Ruth Greene, mother of Thomas, Abbie, and Ruth." The only Ruth Greene I'm aware of was Ruth Korser, wife of William Warren Greene. (Not the surgeon, but his uncle.) William and Ruth had a child, Abbie, among how many others I don't know. (Daughters Hattie N., Abbie K., and possibly M. Anna are all buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, North Waterford, near the graves of William Warren Greene and Ruth Korser.) So, at this point my best guess is the photo is not Thomas Greene after all, but his brother, William Warren Greene.