41 Gothic Street, South Paris, Maine - Home of Edward Leon and Gertrude (Jones) Greene

This photo was taken about 1966. (Note my parent's 1965 Dodge in the driveway.)

41 Gothic Street was originally 19 Gothic Street. Although I don't know when the house was built, it was sold by Otis E. Bolster to Edwin P. Grant on April 20th, 1861. On April 28th, 1865, Hanson Abbott sold an adjoining small piece of land to Edwin P. Grant which he used to add on a room (at right in picture). On May 26th, 1868, the property was acquired by Wallace Atkins (or perhaps his brother). Upon Wallace's death it was transferred to his wife, Sarah (Rideout) Atkins. Upon her death in February, 1918, it was transferred to her sister, Deborah (Rideout) Greene. Deborah died in July, 1918, and the property was inherited by her son, Edward Leon Greene, and his wife Ruth Gertrude (Jones) Greene. Sometime after Gertrude's death in January, 1968, the property was sold to Ellery and Louise Huff.

The house to the right as you face "41" was once owned by Hanson Abbott. When the Greenes lived at 41 Gothic, it was owned by Lee and Kate Durham, then passed to their daughter, Nora, and to her daughter Katherine Babb McKeen.

The house on the left was once owned by Harbert P. Millett. Then it was owned by James H. and Alice Perry. After their death, the house belonged to their daughter, Ruth Perry Twitchell.