Ruth Kathryn Greene - b. Nov 30, 1911, South Paris, Maine. Group photo of South Paris High School basketball team of 1928-29.

Pictured are, from left to right...
Back Row:
Lucille Cole
Amy Lord
Genevieve Hayes
Lucy Morse
Coach Bernice "Bunnie" Hamm; later wife of Rev. Ken Gray
Kathryn Greene; my mother, later married Alex Malcolm
Eleanor Haskell; later married a Beebe
Ava Lord
Helen Brown

Middle Row:
Julia Bumpus
Rita Shaw, team captain; later performed on broadway and TV
Musa Taylor; later married a McDougall
May Knapp
Barbara Swett (?); later married a Robbins

Front Row:
Isabelle Fleming; later married a Dewey
Martha Jordan
Madeline Bell
Greta Merrill; later married a Caldwell
Marjorie _____; later married a Grover