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In 1972 I was stationed with the 5th Preventive Medicine Unit as the US Army's medical entomologist for Korea. Working with me were two Korean National entomologists, Mr Chong Chun-Sik and Mrs Cho Hu-Cha, as well as roughly half a dozen enlisted Army personnel. Four stand out in my memory: Ben Zickafoose, Jim Ricketts, Ricky D. Young, and Mike Williams. My unit shared space at Camp Mosier with the 43rd Surgical Hospital, Mobile Army (lineal descendant of the 8055th MASH on which H. Richard Hornberger's book and movie MASH was based - where the unit was dubbed the 4077th MASH), as well as Air and Ground Ambulance units, and a Veterinary unit.

The 5th also had a Field Sanitation unit, headed by Lieutenant Eric Gordon Gillespie. TC Dotson was a strong member of his unit, and Mr. Han was in charge of the water testing lab. Captain Anthony Bosworth was the unit commander for much of my 13-month tour.

Camp Mosier was north of UiJongBu in a hamlet called NamBangNi. The camp was turned over to the Korean army in 1979 and much of it has fallen into disrepair, according to an article in Stars and Stripes. I'm creating this site from memory and faded slides thirtysix years after the events. Please pardon any errors and help me correct them. - stan "at" performance-vision.com



Aerial Views of Camp Mosier and the 377th's Helicopters
Photos by Tom Cumming
The remains of Camp Mosier in 2004 (Stars & Stripes) http://www.stripes.com/news/budget-constraints-could-be-the-downfall-of-historic-mash-unit-s-korea-home-1.25126
Camp Mosier today (boy have things changed!) (Annotated image from GoogleEarth)
Who was Camp Mosier named for? http://jctcuzins.org/cem/a/acre/mosier.html
43rd MASH at Korea War Project http://www.koreanwar.org/html/units/43mash.htm
8055th MASH at Korea War Project http://www.koreanwar.org/html/units/8055mash.htm
Early History of the 5th Preventive Medicine Unit by J. Wanless Southwick http://southwickresearch.com/Medical_Entomology/Medical_Entomology.htm
5th Preventive Medicine Unit group photo from 1967 http://southwickresearch.com/Medical_Entomology/5thPMLabStaff-1967.htm
Culicoides (Biting Midges) of South Korea by Cho, Hu-Cha and Chong, Chun-Sik Culicoides-kjp-12-45.pdf
Arthropod Borne Diseases in South Korea: 5th Preventive Medicine Unit Tech Pub No. 3. http://southwickresearch.com/Medical_Entomology/Korean_Arthropod_Borne_Diseases.pdf
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