Korea - 1972 Camp Mosier and its People

On the road north from UiJongBu, this left turn led to Camp Mosier.


Main gate to the lower compound. (The upper compound housed the 377th Air Ambulance Company.)

Stan, not so hard at work.

Eric "Gordon" Gillespie shared a Quonset Hut office with me. He was a sanitarian and his team inspected mess halls and did water testing. Picture taken from my desk. Kerosene fueled space heater in the middle. Hey Gordon, remember the time I dummied up re-enlistment forms for you?

And Gordon, remember Buffarilla, the ugly dog that tried to bite you?

Who is that?

Distributing "Yos" (Korean style comforters that served as mattresses) at a local orphanage. Woman at right ran the place. She brought children to our hospital for treatment.

Gordon at the orphanage. Many of these children had american fathers and faced discrimination in Korean society.

We dusted for lice and helped out in other ways. (Man, that looks like a lot of Lindane powder!)

Perimeter fence at Camp Mosier. On nights when I had duty as officer of the guard, I had to walk the perimeter path periodically to be sure the men on guard duty were at their posts and awake. Only danger was from theives.

Bandit and her puppies, Igu and Yobosayo, popular dogs that had the run of the post. Bandit was the nurses' dog.

Camp Mosier Officers Club, another Quonset Hut. I learned to play ping pong there - western and oriental grips. When a new officer arrived, they bought a beer mug. It was placed at the bottom of the rack behind the bar. As other officers rotated out, your mug moved towards the top, and you took it when you departed.

Volleyball. The thin man on the left side in the yellow shirt just above Joann (in the blue vest) is Tony Bosworth.


Chuck Huskey.

Hey Chuck, when did you change your name to Jimenez?

Sam Scott, one of the 43rd's Docs. Hey Sam, which channel of your quadraphonic sound system are you listening to today - with your one speaker?

5th Preventive Medicine Unit morning formation. A bit loose. ;-)


Mr Chong, Chun-Sik and Mrs Cho, Hu-Cha - the Korean National entomologists who worked with us. Here they're collecting tree hole mosquitoes from Kwang Nung National Forest. They also published original research on the Culicoides midges of Korea.

SGT Schmidt wheels a protesting Gordon Gillespie to the PX Snack Bar while Mike Williams looks on.

5th Preventive Medicine Unit softball team playing at Camp Red Cloud. Ricky D. Young at bat.

Ben Zickafoose swatting flies. I remember his line when we were monitoring rodent populations, a takeoff on Tonto: "Hmm Kimosabe, rat shit, one, maybe two days old."

A successful capture! (Roof Rat - Rattus rattus) I remember one that got away, by ripping out the wire end of the live-trap.

Ricky D. Young and Terry Burqhart.

Gordon Gillespie on TV. Can't recall the reason. Gordon?

Gordon, and Tony Bosworth. Don't know who was at the right.

Pilots in the 377th Air Ambulance Company were more than ready for any excuse to fly. Took one trip up close to the DMZ. Often flew with big side doors open and feet dangling out (but securely strapped into our seats). Helicopters are great fun!

One day in September, we had a mock mass casualty drill. Here Ben Zickafoose dresses a leg wound.

Jackson's belly wound.

A number of 5th PMU staff getting into their fake wounds.

Gary Nyen's butt wound didn't prevent him from playing a little football.

In November, somebody rolled one of the 5th PMU's jeeps. I don't recall the details. Help?

Rosie's Bar, across from the gate in NamBangNi. Remember drinking "Oscar"?

One morning, the Mayor of NamBangNi had the working girls up early, cleaning the street.

Jim Kardatzke (my replacement!) arriving at ASCOM. I was anxious to greet him.