Korea - 1972 The Countryside

In spring, school children planted Cosmos seedlings along the rural roadsides. In summer they formed miles of colorful "hedge."

Beautiful Downtown UiJongBu, the nearest big town to Camp Mosier and the 43rd SHMA. Open air meat market ahead with slabs of beef hung and only UV lights ostensibly keeping them fresh. Flies everywhere.

Pretty sure this was UiJongBu too.

This stone tomb guard was near UiJongBu.

"Mountain" somewhere between Seoul and UiJongBu. Looks much taller than it was. Taken from a ride in a helicopter air ambulance, one occasional option for commuting to work. Other days we got a ride from a civilian contract engineer in his '64 Ford Galaxie sedan.

Driving in Korea was hazardous. This tree sat smack dab in the middle of the road. Much of the lower trunk had been patched with cement after collisions. Most disconcerting, at night when drivers approached an intersection, they all simultaneously turned out their lights.

Nice rural house. Roofs were thatch, metal, or red clay tile.

Another countryside view.

Rice harvest time near Camp Mosier.

On the way to Kwang Nung National Forest for a collecting trip. Trees on the hills! Women working in the rice paddies.

Kwang Nung National Forest.

Just a kitty. Universal.

Cute kid.