New Hampshire
Mountain Lakes, North Haverhill, NH and vicinity

August 2006



Mountain Lakes. North Haverhill, NH. View from the cottage.



The big dead pine marks the cottage. (The Bradys live in the home to the right of the tree.)



Typical sky.



Sunrise from the cottage's beach.



Misty morning walks along dirt roads were the daily routine.



Curious critters.



Black bears are common. Scat shows they've been feeding on berries.



But they like birdfeeders and garbage too.



I met this "teenager" one Sunday morning. He was about 30' from me and soon ran off.



Deer were abundant.



As were rabbits.



Hummingbirds frequented our feeder.



Females like this one are larger and lack the male's ruby throat.



I've never seen more abundant monarch butterfly caterpillars. Some plants had as many as five. Good to see them making a comeback.



Banded purple butterflies were common.






A hairstreak butterfly. Sorry I can't say which one.









Last of this summer's wild columbine.



Last of the lupine too.



A skullcap, in the mint family.



Cultivated morning glories at the cottage.









Jewel weed or "touch-me-not".