Scribner Burying Ground - Waterboro, Maine

Map and photos based on a visit to the cemetery on Thursday, August 26th, 1999. I arrived as it was beginning to get dark. The cemetery was darker still due to the canopy of trees. Reading the stones was nearly impossible and the photo quality below is poor. (Sorry.) There were stones in the cemetery representing other families, but I did not take the time to record them.

Back row of graves, furthest from (and parallel to) Federal Road. Furthest stone away in this picture (top, left of center, between the trees) is that of John Scribner. John's stone, and the others in that row are listed below, from left-rear to right-front.

Mr. John Scribner, died 1825. (Urn and willow design.)

Hannah, wife of John Scribner, died 1835. (Urn and willow design.) (This would be Hannah Taylor, John's second wife - after Sarah Marshall.)

Samuel Scribner, died Aug 1, 1843; Ae 50 y. (Samuel was a son of John and Sarah (Marshall) Scribner.)

Sarah P. Scribner, wife of Samuel Scribner; died April 8, 1846, Ae 44 y. (She was formerly Sarah Powers Harmon.)

Sarah M., daughter of Samuel & Sarah; Died Dec 11, 1836; Ae. 11 y.

Name unclear but appears to start with "N"; Died Oct 9, 1842, Son of Samuel & Sarah. (Urn and willow design.)

Charles E., son of Samuel & Sarah P. Scribner; Died April 1, 1841; Ae. 11 m.

Sarah M., daughter of Samuel & Sarah P. Scribner; Died July 21, 1843; Ae 5 yrs, 6 m.

Charles N., son of Samuel and Sarah P. Scribner; Died July 22, 1843, Ae 1 yr, 3 m.

Wide view of the cemetery, facing northeast (parallel to Federal Road). Scribner graves described above are at left. Two graves in center of photo are described immediately below. At right rear you can see the four stones in the third row pictured further below.

William, son of John, died May 22, 1809. (May not be a Scribner.)

Only legible marking was P. P. in center.

White stone at left in this row is marked: Edward Scribner, died 1804, Ae 36; and daughter, Rebecca, died 1815. The stone immediately to the right is broken off.

Third stone (counting from left to right) is marked R.S., 1815, B. 1797. Is this the daughter Rebecca's original stone? Seems like it must be based on the dates.

The fourth stone (not pictured) is marked JP, 1817, b. 1808. Speculating, could this have been a child of Edward Scribner's wife's second marriage (to Joseph/Josiah Perkins)? Mary (Ricker) Scribner married J. Perkins in 1806 so the timing fits.

Following are three orientation views of the cemetery location.

Ed Doggett's barn and home at 83 Federal Road. Road is at right in picture.

Rear of Ed Doggett's barn, facing the Scribner burying ground. View is towards the northeast.

View from Federal Road. Ed Doggett's home is beyond the row of low spruce in the center. The cemetery wall can be just made out to the right of center.