Along the Air Line... 2019 - Fall, Part 8
The Air Line Trail in Eastern Connecticut - Stan Malcolm Photos

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November 30th. Detachable oak twig galls caused by a Cynipid wasp...



...specifically the Rough Oak Bullet Gall Wasp (Disholcaspis quercusmamma). Center top is an exit hole that appears to have been pecked by a bird. The gall below is one that I split open to reveal the wasp larva's chamber that looks for all the world like an egg shell. Both galls appear to have been pecked after the wasp had emerged.



In this photo, I substituted a gall at top showing the wasp's exit hole, unpecked.



Sorry, I was unable to find a photo of the wasp. But I did find this video:



Ripples, caused I think by a Mallard out of sight.



Bubbles and foam near where the south side marsh crosses under the trail to merge with Raymond Brook.















Patterns in a dead birch branch.












December 6th. Last glimmers of what was a remarkable sunrise before I reached the marsh.






December 7th. Mostly clear and 22 degrees,






December 12th. The morning after our second snowstorm of the Fall.





















December 13th. Seventeen degrees.
























December 15th. Tail end of a sunrise seen from the Route 85 trail head.












Globular Springtails, each about 1mm long, out for a stroll (these on the Senior Citizens bench).









December 16th.