Along the Air Line... 2015-2016 - Winter, Part 3
The Air Line Trail in Eastern Connecticut - Stan Malcolm Photos

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January 17th.  Not much in the way of a sunrise except...



...a sharp contrail amid older diffuse ones.



Just a hint of a sun pillar.















Mallards coming in from wherever they spent the night, settling in the open water of the exit stream.



Surface ice has gone through several freeze-thaw cycles lately, along with light snow and rain.






Closer to dawn, the sun pillar is still faintly visible.



Brighter now.






January 18th.  Twenty degrees at 11:00 AM.  Flurries overnight have moved on, leaving bright snow and clouds - and high winds.  Brrr.



See that treetop dead center on the horizon?



That's what it looks like with a long telephoto setting.  (The same treetop features at even higher magnification in the dawn shots above.)






January 25th.  A foot or more of snow fell on Saturday, the 23rd, transforming the marsh and the trail.





















January 29th.  A brief stop at Cranberry Bog to check on the nearby farmyard.






January 30th.  Back to the barnyard near Cranberry Bog after a trip to the dump this morning.