Along the Air Line... 2014-2015 - Winter, Part 2
The Air Line Trail in Eastern Connecticut - Stan Malcolm Photos

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January 16th.  Cold temps and a slick icy trail.  I spend a lot of time looking at my feet.



A little color in the sky.

































January 19th.  The morning after a day of heavy rain.


















January 20th.  Air bubbles in ice.






January 21st.  Just west of the Brownstone Bridge over River Road.



Icicles and ice floes across the trail.






Not much green around, but some mosses...









...and a liverwort (Marchantia sp.) on the Brownstone Bridge's abutments.



January 25th.  Six inches of wet snow yesterday.  Possibly much more predicted for later tomorrow.




































January 28th.  Pussy Willow harvested from the trail on January 2nd is blooming...



...and starting to root.  Maybe I'll be able to plant it back at the marsh in spring.



February 1st.  First time on the trail since the 20+ inch snowstorm of January 27th.
























Not sure what I think of this "selfie" thing.



The emergent stalks I've been photographing lately took a beating between the snow and the wind.



A few snowflakes falling.



A friend reported six snowmobiles on the trail last night.  They did a pretty good job packing down the snow from the previous storm.



In addition to the main trail as far as the marsh, they traveled on the spur - and their tracks crossed Route 85 heading towards Route 207 and perhaps into Lebanon.

Another large storm predicted for tomorrow.  Who knows how long before I'm able to walk the trail again.



February 4th.  The last of the Pussy Willow buds harvested on January 2nd has opened.