Along the Air Line... 2015 - Fall, Part 1
The Air Line Trail in Eastern Connecticut - Stan Malcolm Photos

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September 24th.  Asters at Cranberry Bog in East Hampton.









Lots of pollen gatherers like bumble bees and this Honey Bee (Apis mellifera).



Not a bumble bee!  This is a syrphid Flower Fly bee mimic. (Eristalis sp., most likely E. flavipes).






Another Flower Fly (Eristalis transversa).



September 25th.  A few brief stops near or on the trail along Route 149 and River Road in Colchester.



The Air Line Trail bridge over the Blackledge River.















Sumac (Rhus sp.).






Some of the nicest Asters I've seen.  I think they are Late Purple Asters (Symphytotrichum patens).












Heart-leaved Asters (Symphytotrichum cordifolium).



Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea stoebe; formerly C. maculosa).



Butter and Eggs (Linaria vulgaris).






Locust Borer (Megacylene robiniae).



Lots of Honey Bees (Apis mellifera) active.






Bumble Bee (Family Bombidae).






A Syrphid Flower Fly (probably a male Toxomerus geminatus).



European or "Praying" Mantis (Mantis religiosa).  Actually, a pair of them; the female much larger and heavier bodied than the male.



The female is holding the male in a fatal embrace.



She has eaten his head and will eat the rest once copulation is complete.- an extreme form of a "nuptual gift" - nourishment to improve reproduction.




Proof that mating is still underway.



September 27th.  40 degrees.  Brrr.









September 29th.  Turkeys!  (Meleagris gallopavo).









Fall colors beginning to show.