Along the Air Line... 2007-2008 - Winter, Part 1
The Air Line Trail in Eastern Connecticut - Stan Malcolm Photos

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January 1st. Out by moonlight, hoping for a sunrise.



A little color.



Happy New Year! Please, let's all take better care of our world this year.



January 6th. Potential sunrise never quite made it.






January 7th. Sunrise.









January 8th. Sunrise through fog.



January 9th. Melting ice has allowed Mallards to enjoy open water on the marsh. They had been confined to a few spots of flowing water at the Raymond Brook outlet.



Most of the ducks are paired.



January 12th. Sunrise.






Grayville Falls after yesterday's heavy rain.



January 14th. Aftera snowstorm.

































January 15th. Sunrise with distant hawk.