Along the Air Line... 2009 - Spring, Part 10
The Air Line Trail in Eastern Connecticut - Stan Malcolm Photos

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June 9th. Heavy rain and thunder this morning, followed by a misty afternoon. A pair of Cedar Waxwings (Bombycilla cedrorum).



Mist coats a frond of Sensitive Fern (Onoclea sensibilis).



Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia) chicks having a bad hair day.






June 11th. Grove or Blunt-leaved Sandwort (Moehringia lateriflora).



Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar) caterpillar. Head end (at left) has blue tubercles.



Tadpoles in a trailside ditch.






June 12th. A female Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta) laying eggs.



June 13th. Sunshine early with Daisies (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum) in bloom.



Young Baltimore Orioles (Icterus galbula) are calling for food.












Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia) chicks.



Beaver (Castor canadensis).












June 14th. After heavy rains overnight and into the morning, lots of activity at the Oriole nest.






Mom foraging for her hungry chicks.









First fledgling left the nest!



Next one ready to go.









A short flight to the end of the branch.



Third one thinking about it.









Northern Water Snakes (Nerodia sipedon) were sunning in groups.



Recent rains made for a good flow at Grayville Falls.