CAUTION - Beware of parking area "Smash and Grabs"
Posted July 17, 2015

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Late this afternoon, I arrived at the Route 85 trail head in Hebron (Amston) to find DEEP Envirnmental Conservation Police in conversation with two young women who had broken car windows.  According to EnCon Police, "smash & grabs" have become almost a daily occurrence at various State Park facilities around the State - including several on the Air Line Trail.  Update July 24: Since last week's post, two more afternoon breakins have taken place at the same Route 85 location.

Some common sense precautions to take:

- Close car windows and lock your car.

- Leave nothing of value within sight in your car; better yet, leave nothing of value in the car!

- Do not place valuables under the car seat.  Objects under the seat may attract criminal's attention.

- Do not leave items (back pack, baby bag, etc.) out.  Criminals may assume valuables are in them.

- Report suspicious activity to local police and/or the DEEP 24 hour radio dispatch line: 860-424-3333.

- Spread the word!