Along the Air Line... 2007 - Fall, Part 5
The Air Line Trail in Eastern Connecticut - Stan Malcolm Photos

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November 8th. Bluebirds (Sialia sialis) are flocking in the marsh, harvesting berries.






Cedar Waxwings (Bombycilla cedrorum) are also flocking in the marsh.









Frosted oak leaf.



November 14th. Mist at the trailhead.



November 16th. Sunset (at 4:25 P.M.).






With clouds in the north and east, light quickly faded.






As darkness fell, Canada Geese alighted for a night's rest.






November 18th.



November 20th. First dusting of snow.



Mallards confined to small areas of open water.



November 23rd. A sunrise series. 6:35 A.M.



6:45 A.M.



6:47 A.M.



6:52 A.M.



7:01 A.M.



7:11 A.M. Geese just starting to stir.






Mallards flying in.



November 24th. A pair of Green-Winged Teal (Anas crecca carolinensis) passing through the marsh.






December 2nd. Work continues on the Rapallo Viaduct. Scheduled for January completion.



Workers have a clever means to get materials up and down the steep incline: a board ramp "road" and a laundry basket attached to a rope.



December 14th. Yesterday's storm dropped 10" of snow.









Sun barely visible behind low clouds.



A Queen Anne's Lace seed head catches snow.






Several hawks were scanning the marsh edges.



Possibly a Sharp-shinned Hawk (Accipiter striatus).