Along the Air Line... 2005 - Fall, Part 2
The Air Line Trail in Eastern Connecticut - Stan Malcolm Photos

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November 13th; twentyeight degrees and frosty.















Evening of the same day.
























November 20th. First ice on the marsh.



Basal rosettes of next year's Yarrow.









Beavers have been active preparing for winter. It doesn't take many strokes of their sharp teeth to fell a two inch sapling.



Each morning, the paths where they've dragged branches across the trail are very clear.



The beavers have refurbished a large lodge built against the base of some trees (background), while they've amassed a huge food cache of small branches (foreground). The branches will soak and tenderize the bark. Once the channel freezes, the beavers will access their food supply from below. Learn more about beavers.



November 21st. The first time I've seen an otter on the marsh this year, a month later than last year. Learn more about otters.