Buffalo Treehopper (Stictocephala sp.) - July 6th, 2011
Stan Malcolm Photos - Marlborough, Connecticut

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I came across this cast skin on Cherry and went searching for its former inhabitant.  (Length is 8 or 9mm.)



I found this Buffalo Treehopper nearby.



A distant Cicada relative (note the similar wings), it feeds on plant juices.



Many members of the family have elaborately developed spines and horns on their pronotum (first thoracic segment), often resembling thorns.  This is particularly true in tropical species. 
Check out this exampleAnd these.



If threatened, the Buffalo Treehopper often circles the twig it's on to be mostly out of sight.  This also heightens the similarity to thorns.



July 21st. The cast nymphal skin of another Buffalo Treehopper.