New Hampshire - Mostly Leps - August, 2013
Stan Malcolm Photos - Mountain Lakes, North Haverhill, New Hampshire

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Pink-shaded Fern Moth (Callopistria mollissima) caterpillar.



The next day, it had changed color.









Unicorn Caterpillar (Family Notodontidae, Schizura unicornis) shortly after a molt.






The next day, busy feeding (on Shadbush, I think).  Great brown-edge leaf damage mimic.









Caterpillar sheltering in a leaf it has curled and fastened with silk.  (On the same host plant as the Unicorn Caterpillar.)






The next day, it was out and feeding.















A Sphinx Moth caterpillar (Family Sphingidae, perhaps the Blinded Sphinx (Paonias excaecatus) or something closely related to it.)






Collecting off a lit white tablecloth on August 19th was disappointing.  Not more than half a dozen moths and a few misc beetles and crane flies.  Even then, most of the action was well after midnight.









An Emerald (Family Geometridae; Subfamily Geometrinae).



A paler specimen, probably the same species of Emerald.









A homopteran.  (Fulgoridae?)



This spider dropped in to see what could be captured near the light.



The next night, the sheet attracted even fewer insects so I abandoned collecting.