New Hampshire - 2008 Landscapes
Mountain Lakes, North Haverhill, NH and vicinity

Goose Lane, near Woodsville, NH.



The marsh on Goose Lane, a destination of my morning walks.

Swiftwater, NH covered bridge on an overcast afternoon...

...and another day, as a thunderstorm approached.


Sunrise from the Mountain Lakes cottage.


The cottage's beach.


What passed for a sunrise on an overcast morning.




Confession: The heron is plastic (but good enough to fool a real heron that flew in to check it out).

Dead pine at the cottage hosts lichens and birds.

Outflow from the second Mountain Lake.

Views from Beaver Pond in the White Mountains National Forest on Route 112. In rain...


...and in shine (on another day).

Looking east over Franconia from Sugar Hill, NH, in the wake of a shower.

Confluence of the Ammonusuc and Wild Ammonusuc rivers approaching Woodsville.

Bradford, VT, dam after days of rain.