Fox Family at Gillette Castle - April 8th, 2011
Vulpes vulpes - Stan Malcolm Photos - Marlborough, Connecticut

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The view from the east-side deck of the Gillette Castle Visitor's Center.  The Fox den is dead center.  (There is another entrance, far to the right, under brush and near a large tree.)






One kit was out near the entrance to the den, alternately wary...



...and dozing.



Another was at the edge of the woods, at rest...



...and exploring.



Something caught this kit's attention.






Another kit emerging from the den.












Cozying up together.



Now what has caught their attention?



Ah, Mom (the vixen) is returning.






The kits are anxious to greet her.









Breakfast is served.












I saw five kits, but there are six as I discovered on a return visit several days later.





















The large rock is a favorite perch, offering an unobstructed view of the field and surrounding woods.





















Wash time, and play time.



Mom is very tolerant.












All the kits ran for the den, then looked back down the field.



Dad (the dog fox or reynard) approached with two voles in his mouth.  Mom wanted her share.






Dad has a dark patch on the back of his left side.  I couldn't tell if this was an old wound or what.



Mom settled in while Dad went off hunting again.






Mom with the kits.



And wary as a fox approached.



The kits ran for the den, perhaps at a signal from Mom.









It was Dad, and play soon resumed.



Dad stood guard and soon Mom went off to hunt.












The kits played nearby.



A composite video of the foxes.  Because the file is large, I suggest you start it, and pause the video until it has fully loaded (the red bar at the bottom will stretch from left to right).  Then, if you play the video it will run without interruptions.