Hazel at the Flat - England, February 2012
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Hazel liked her birthday socks.



Cookie project.



Smarties and sultanas (raisins) in the mix.









Very tasty!



Keyboard practice.



First one hand...



...then two.






Another day, another baking project.  Scones!  Hazel really got into her work: note the sleeves.












Hazel found this caterpillar trucking along the sidewalk.  It turns out to be the cutworm larva of a Large Yellow Underwing (Noctua pronuba), the type species of the moth family Noctuidae.  It's living with her now, feeding and growing.



Nearly bedtime.  Hazel reads about wildlife while Elizabeth plaits her hair.  (On another day, Hazel made a great Powerpoint slide show all about butterflies, moths, birds, snails, and land organisms with namesakes in the ocean (e.g., horses and sea horses).