Ryles Arms and Tegg's Nose - February 19th, 2012
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We started off the day with brunch at the Ryles Arms.






I had Welsh Rarebit as an appetizer.






Great local beers on tap.






Outside, Pussy Willows were beginning to bloom.



A scenic drive afterwards became a case of Dodge-em Cars.  It seemed that everyone agreed thaqt a walk was a fine way to spend the first sunny Sunday in awhile and felt quite comfortable parking all along one side of an already narrow road.  So far, so good...



...except when a car came from the opposite direction.  (This happened way too often.)  The only recourse was to find a gap between parked cars and pull in.  Progress was slow.



There were lots of trails for walkers to follow.



Finally the roads cleared somewhat, but remained narrow.



Often, without warning, the roads would narrow to a single lane.  Argh!  In England, driver training and exams are strict.  They have to be as there is no future for poor drivers there.



This is the view from the Tegg's Nose visitor center. See those farm buildings in the distance?






And very close indeed.  Note the hikers passing by.  (I love the telephoto on my new small Canon SX40HS!



I couldn't visit England and not take photos of sheep.






More views from Tegg's Nose.












Hazel posed on a sculpture.



Interesting walls.  I'm not sure why the design is this way unless purely decorative - and a lot of stone to use up.  (New Englanders can relate.)



Hazel would gladly have set off on a treck.