Quarry Bank Mill - February 15th, 2012
Styal, Wilmslow, Cheshire  (http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/quarry-bank-mill/) - Stan Malcolm Photos & Videos

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Elizabeth and Hazel.



The tour started with as demonstration of hand methods of spinning and weaving.



Making Friendship Bracelets.






Hazel clocking in.  Time to make cloth!



A Mule spinning machine automated the job of hundreds of spinning wheels.  See it in action here.









Winding the warp (the threads that run the long way of the finished fabric).  (The loom weaves the weft back and forth through the warp.)



An intermediate step in making fine thread.



One of the many looms weaving the cloth.




Listen to the sound!  And watch the speed of the shuttle passing back and forth.




Cloth may be printed using etched metal cylinders.  Multiple cylinders print various colors and patterns to build up the final design.



Here are samples of the etched metal cylinders.



This giant water wheel provides power for the plant.  Its speed is regulated by...



...a governor.  As the shaft speed increases, the heavy metal balls swing wider due to centrifugal force.  The wider position of the balls actuates a mechanism to slow the shaft, assuring a steady source of power to the belts and shafts throughout the factory which power the machines.









Steam power was added to assure power to the mill in summer when river levels were low.






Steam boiler.



Up the chimney.



The chimney from outdoors.






The mill's clock is accurate to the minute.