Manchester, above and underground - February 11th, 2012
Stan Malcolm Photos (except where noted)

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Manchester City Hall...



...complete with sculptures.



Excuse me, but is that a miniature crowned lion on your head?






Honest Abe.



Manchester's Chinatown.






Elizabeth's picture.






Just another day in Manchester.



We enjoyed the Manchester Underground tour.



As you view the following photos, just imagine the amount of brick required for the construction.



Thousands were sheltered in these walled off sections of the underground canal during WWII.






Geoff & Elizabeth.



Large modern buildings now rise above the old brick, supported by massive steel beams.






Elizabeth's picture; my headlamp.



Geoff's picture.












Elizabeth's picture.  Notice anything unusual?



We stood in the canal channel.  That's the old tow path on the right.



We reached the point where water was infiltrating and blocking further progress.  Again, tow path on the right.  More recent conmstruction on the left, possibly part of the WWII shelter adaptations.