Cryptic Spider - August, 2012
Marlborough, Connecticut - Stan Malcolm Photos

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August 13th.  I made a lucky find on my kwanzan cherry this morning; one of those "I don't believe what I'm seeing" moments.  Nestled in the crotch of the tree beneath a single brown dead leaf was what looked like a nodule of bark...



...until I spied the legs.









Late afternoon and the spider hasn't stirred.






Close up of the eyes which may be useful for identification to family at least.



August 14th.  I lifted her leaf "umbrella" in order to get a better view of the zig-zag pattern on her abdomen.  With thanks to Juan Sanchez, I can confirm that this is the Giant Lichen Orbweaver (Araneus bicentenarius).



The dark spot on her abdomen, left of center, may be a problem.  She may have been parasitized.  Time will tell.